Ancient Stones, Rocks and Writing

These are my pages on ancient places, based entirely on my own observations.  I intend to maintain these essays on the web indefinitely, since they have attracted much interest over time. The first is an item about standing stones at Pt Reyes, California: 

                      Pt Reyes

The second item is about some other old stones:  Rocks

Next is a series of several related articles, beginning with Baby Rock.  I believe these are my most important contributions to historical knowledge so far:  

                                                                                             Baby Rock

And then we have a detective story, about Phoenicians in Utah:  


Finally (at least for the moment), about another Ogam site, The Laytonville Rock.

  (For more information about ancient stones and anomalies in California, I recommend The Equinox Project.) 

            Also, please see Rocklines.